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Graph constraints
[Using finite domain integers]


void Gecode::circuit (Space *home, const IntVarArgs &x, IntConLevel icl=ICL_DEF, PropKind pk=PK_DEF)
 Post propagator such that x forms a circuit.

Function Documentation

void Gecode::circuit ( Space *  home,
const IntVarArgs &  x,
IntConLevel  icl = ICL_DEF,
PropKind  pk = PK_DEF 

Post propagator such that x forms a circuit.

x forms a circuit if the graph with edges $i\to j$ where $x_i=j$ has a single cycle covering all nodes.

Supports domain (icl = ICL_DOM) and value propagation (all other values for icl), where this refers to whether value or domain consistent distinct in enforced on x.

Throws an exception of type Int::ArgumentSame, if x contains the same unassigned variable multiply.

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