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Test::Int::Unshare::Int Class Reference
[Unsharing variables in arrays]

Inherits Test::Int::Test.

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Detailed Description

Test for unsharing integer variables.

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Public Member Functions

 Int (Gecode::IntConLevel icl)
 Create and register test.
virtual bool solution (const Assignment &x) const
 Test whether x is solution.
virtual void post (Gecode::Space *home, Gecode::IntVarArray &x)
 Post constraint on x.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Test::Int::Unshare::Int::Int ( Gecode::IntConLevel  icl  )  [inline]

Create and register test.

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Member Function Documentation

virtual bool Test::Int::Unshare::Int::solution ( const Assignment x  )  const [inline, virtual]

Test whether x is solution.

Implements Test::Int::Test.

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virtual void Test::Int::Unshare::Int::post ( Gecode::Space home,
Gecode::IntVarArray x 
) [inline, virtual]

Post constraint on x.

Implements Test::Int::Test.

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