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Using finite integer sets
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 Set variables
 Argument arrays
 Variable arrays
 Projector constraints
 Range and value iterators for set variables
 Domain constraints
 Relation constraints
 Set operation/relation constraints
 Convexity constraints
 Sequence constraints
 Distinctness constraints
 Connection constraints to finite domain variables
 Selection constraints


enum  Gecode::SetRelType {
  Gecode::SRT_EQ, Gecode::SRT_NQ, Gecode::SRT_SUB, Gecode::SRT_SUP,
  Gecode::SRT_DISJ, Gecode::SRT_CMPL
 Common relation types for sets. More...
enum  Gecode::SetOpType { Gecode::SOT_UNION, Gecode::SOT_DUNION, Gecode::SOT_INTER, Gecode::SOT_MINUS }
 Common operations for sets. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum Gecode::SetRelType

Common relation types for sets.

SRT_EQ  Equality ($=$ ).
SRT_NQ  Disequality ($\neq$ ).
SRT_SUB  Subset ($\subseteq$ ).
SRT_SUP  Superset ($\supseteq$ ).
SRT_DISJ  Disjoint ($\parallel$ ).
SRT_CMPL  Complement.

Definition at line 88 of file set.hh.

enum Gecode::SetOpType

Common operations for sets.

SOT_DUNION  Disjoint union.
SOT_INTER  Intersection
SOT_MINUS  Difference.

Definition at line 101 of file set.hh.