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Test::Set::Dom Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Tests for domain constraints.


class  DomRange
 Test for equality with a range. More...
class  DomIntRange
 Test for equality with an integer range. More...
class  DomInt
 Test for equality with an integer. More...
class  DomDom
 Test for equality with a domain. More...
class  CardRange
 Test for cardinality range. More...


DomRange _domrange_eq (SRT_EQ)
DomRange _domrange_nq (SRT_NQ)
DomRange _domrange_sub (SRT_SUB)
DomRange _domrange_sup (SRT_SUP)
DomRange _domrange_disj (SRT_DISJ)
DomRange _domrange_cmpl (SRT_CMPL)
DomIntRange _domintrange_eq (SRT_EQ)
DomIntRange _domintrange_nq (SRT_NQ)
DomIntRange _domintrange_sub (SRT_SUB)
DomIntRange _domintrange_sup (SRT_SUP)
DomIntRange _domintrange_disj (SRT_DISJ)
DomIntRange _domintrange_cmpl (SRT_CMPL)
DomInt _domint_eq (SRT_EQ)
DomInt _domint_nq (SRT_NQ)
DomInt _domint_sub (SRT_SUB)
DomInt _domint_sup (SRT_SUP)
DomInt _domint_disj (SRT_DISJ)
DomInt _domint_cmpl (SRT_CMPL)
DomDom _domdom_eq (SRT_EQ)
DomDom _domdom_nq (SRT_NQ)
DomDom _domdom_sub (SRT_SUB)
DomDom _domdom_sup (SRT_SUP)
DomDom _domdom_disj (SRT_DISJ)
DomDom _domdom_cmpl (SRT_CMPL)
CardRange _cardRange