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Test::Assign Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Tests for assignments.


class  Bool
 Test branching with distinct propagator. More...
class  Int
 Test assignment with distinct propagator. More...
class  IntTestSpace
 Space for executing integer tests. More...
class  BoolTestSpace
 Space for executing Boolean tests. More...
class  IntTest
 Base class for tests for assigning integer variables. More...
class  BoolTest
 Base class for tests for branching on Boolean variables. More...


Bool b_3 ("3", 3)
Bool b_5 ("5", 5)
Bool b_7 ("7", 7)
Gecode::IntSet d_dense (-2, 2)
const int v_sparse [5] = {-100,-10,0,10,100}
Gecode::IntSet d_sparse (v_sparse, 5)
Gecode::IntSet d_large (-2, 10)
Int d_3 ("Dense::3", d_dense, 3)
Int d_5 ("Dense::5", d_dense, 5)
Int s_3 ("Sparse::3", d_sparse, 3)
Int s_5 ("Sparse::5", d_sparse, 5)
Int l_2 ("Large::2", d_large, 2)
Int l_3 ("Large::3", d_large, 3)

Variable Documentation

const int Test::Assign::v_sparse[5] = {-100,-10,0,10,100}

Definition at line 55 of file

Int Test::Assign::d_3("Dense::3", d_dense, 3)

Int Test::Assign::d_5("Dense::5", d_dense, 5)

Int Test::Assign::s_3("Sparse::3", d_sparse, 3)

Int Test::Assign::s_5("Sparse::5", d_sparse, 5)

Int Test::Assign::l_2("Large::2", d_large, 2)

Int Test::Assign::l_3("Large::3", d_large, 3)