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Gecode::CpltSet::Select Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Propagators for selection constraints.


template<class View>
void selectNonEmptySub_post (Space *home, ViewArray< View > x)
void selectNonEmptySub_con (Space *home, const CpltSetVarArgs &x, const CpltSetVar &s, const CpltSetVar &t)

Function Documentation

template<class View>
void Gecode::CpltSet::Select::selectNonEmptySub_post ( Space *  home,
ViewArray< View >  x 
) [inline]

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void Gecode::CpltSet::Select::selectNonEmptySub_con ( Space *  home,
const CpltSetVarArgs &  x,
const CpltSetVar &  s,
const CpltSetVar &  t 
) [inline]

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