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Bin packing constraints
[Using integer variables and constraints]


void Gecode::binpacking (Home home, const IntVarArgs &l, const IntVarArgs &b, const IntArgs &s, IntPropLevel ipl=IPL_DEF)
 Post propagator for bin packing.

Function Documentation

void Gecode::binpacking ( Home  home,
const IntVarArgs &  l,
const IntVarArgs &  b,
const IntArgs &  s,
IntPropLevel  ipl = IPL_DEF 

Post propagator for bin packing.

The variables in l are the loads for each bin, whereas the variables in b define for each item into which bin it is packed. The integer values s define the size of the items.

It is propagated that for each $j$ with $0\leq j<|l|$ the constraint $l_j=\sum_{0\leq i<|b|\wedge b_i=j}s_i$ holds and that for each $i$ with $0\leq i<|b|$ the constraint $0\leq b_i<|l|$ holds.

The propagation follows: Paul Shaw. A Constraint for Bin Packing. CP 2004.

Throws the following exceptions: