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Test::LDSB::SetVarSeqSym1 Class Reference

Test for set variable sequence symmetry More...

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Static Public Member Functions

static void setup (Home home, SetVarArray &xs)
 Setup problem constraints and symmetries.
static std::vector< IntSetArgsexpectedSolutions (void)
 Compute list of expected solutions.

Static Public Attributes

static const int n = 4
 Number of variables.
static const int l = 0
 Lower bound of values.
static const int u = 1
 Upper bound of values.

Detailed Description

Test for set variable sequence symmetry

Definition at line 1449 of file ldsb.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

static void Test::LDSB::SetVarSeqSym1::setup ( Home  home,
SetVarArray xs 
) [inline, static]

Setup problem constraints and symmetries.

Definition at line 1458 of file ldsb.cpp.

static std::vector<IntSetArgs> Test::LDSB::SetVarSeqSym1::expectedSolutions ( void   )  [inline, static]

Compute list of expected solutions.

Definition at line 1468 of file ldsb.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

const int Test::LDSB::SetVarSeqSym1::n = 4 [static]

Number of variables.

Definition at line 1452 of file ldsb.cpp.

const int Test::LDSB::SetVarSeqSym1::l = 0 [static]

Lower bound of values.

Definition at line 1454 of file ldsb.cpp.

const int Test::LDSB::SetVarSeqSym1::u = 1 [static]

Upper bound of values.

Definition at line 1456 of file ldsb.cpp.

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