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How to Change from Gecode 1.3.1 to Gecode 2.0.x

As Gecode 2.0.0 is a major revision of Gecode, your programs that are written for Gecode 1.3.1 are likely to require some modifications before they work again. All modifications are straightforward, though.

This short summary shows how to adapt your models and linker invocation, for changes to propagator implementations, etc, please consult the changelog.

IntVar and BoolVar

Boolean variables (BoolVar) are not any longer integer variables (IntVar). The same holds for variable arrays (BoolVarArray, IntVarArray). So, you can not mix Boolean and integer variables in the same array (use two different arrays) and you can not cast between them. If you want to link the value of a BoolVar to the value of an IntVar you have to use a channel constraint. Posting constraints remains unchanged, as all constraints offer two overloaded versions (one for IntVar, one for BoolVar).

Regular constraint

The regular constraint has been renamed to extensional (after all, it is an extensionally specified constraint). The old name is still available in the MiniModel module.

If you want to use regular expressions, you have to add

 #include <gecode/int/minimodel.hh> 

to your file as they moved to the MiniModel module.

Boolean constraints

In order to make the interface to Boolean constraints more regular and similar to set constraints, Boolean constraints are available as rel constraints. That is, instead of

 bool_and(home, x, y, z); 

you have to write

 rel(home, x, BOT_AND, y, z); 

Likewise, for arrays you have to write

 rel(home, BOT_AND, x, y); 

instead of

 bool_and(home, x, y); 

More information is available here.


Values and types for selecting how to branch have been made uniform. Replace BVAL_* by INT_VAL_*, BVAR_* by INT_VAR_*, and so on.

Global cardinality constraint

The interface for the global cardinality constraint has been simplified. The constraint is now called count. Please check the documentation for details.

Sortedness constraint

The sortedness constraint has been renamed to sorted.


Some generic functionality has been put into its own library (


on Unix systems,


on Windows). You have to link against this library now.