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channel.cpp File Reference

#include "test/int.hh"
#include <gecode/minimodel.hh>

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class  Test::Int::Channel::ChannelFull
 Simple test for channel (testing all variables). More...
class  Test::Int::Channel::ChannelHalf
 Simple test for channel (testing single set of variables). More...
class  Test::Int::Channel::ChannelShared
 Test channel with shared variables More...
class  Test::Int::Channel::ChannelLinkSingle
 Test channel between integer and Boolean variable More...
class  Test::Int::Channel::ChannelLinkMulti
 Test channel between integer variable and array of Boolean variables More...


namespace  Test

General test support.

namespace  Test::Int

Testing finite domain integers.

namespace  Test::Int::Channel

Tests for channel constraints


ChannelFull Test::Int::Channel::cfd (0, 0, Gecode::IPL_DOM)
ChannelFull Test::Int::Channel::cfv (0, 0, Gecode::IPL_VAL)
ChannelFull Test::Int::Channel::cfd11 (1, 1, Gecode::IPL_DOM)
ChannelFull Test::Int::Channel::cfv11 (1, 1, Gecode::IPL_VAL)
ChannelFull Test::Int::Channel::cfd35 (3, 5, Gecode::IPL_DOM)
ChannelFull Test::Int::Channel::cfv35 (3, 5, Gecode::IPL_VAL)
ChannelHalf Test::Int::Channel::chd (Gecode::IPL_DOM)
ChannelHalf Test::Int::Channel::chv (Gecode::IPL_VAL)
ChannelShared Test::Int::Channel::csd (Gecode::IPL_DOM)
ChannelShared Test::Int::Channel::csv (Gecode::IPL_VAL)
ChannelLinkSingle Test::Int::Channel::cls
ChannelLinkMulti Test::Int::Channel::clma ("A", 0, 5, 0)
ChannelLinkMulti Test::Int::Channel::clmb ("B", 1, 6, 1)
ChannelLinkMulti Test::Int::Channel::clmc ("C",-1, 4,-1)