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Test::Int::Channel Namespace Reference

Tests for channel constraints More...


class  ChannelFull
 Simple test for channel (testing all variables). More...
class  ChannelHalf
 Simple test for channel (testing single set of variables). More...
class  ChannelShared
 Test channel with shared variables More...
class  ChannelLinkSingle
 Test channel between integer and Boolean variable More...
class  ChannelLinkMulti
 Test channel between integer variable and array of Boolean variables More...


ChannelFull cfd (0, 0, Gecode::IPL_DOM)
ChannelFull cfv (0, 0, Gecode::IPL_VAL)
ChannelFull cfd11 (1, 1, Gecode::IPL_DOM)
ChannelFull cfv11 (1, 1, Gecode::IPL_VAL)
ChannelFull cfd35 (3, 5, Gecode::IPL_DOM)
ChannelFull cfv35 (3, 5, Gecode::IPL_VAL)
ChannelHalf chd (Gecode::IPL_DOM)
ChannelHalf chv (Gecode::IPL_VAL)
ChannelShared csd (Gecode::IPL_DOM)
ChannelShared csv (Gecode::IPL_VAL)
ChannelLinkSingle cls
ChannelLinkMulti clma ("A", 0, 5, 0)
ChannelLinkMulti clmb ("B", 1, 6, 1)
ChannelLinkMulti clmc ("C",-1, 4,-1)

Detailed Description

Tests for channel constraints