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Gecode::Search::Par Namespace Reference


class  BAB
 Parallel branch-and-bound engine More...
class  DFS
 Parallel depth-first search engine More...
class  Engine
 Parallel depth-first search engine More...
class  Path
 Depth-first path (stack of edges) supporting recomputation. More...
class  PortfolioStop
 Stop object used for controling slaves in a portfolio. More...
class  Slave
 Runnable slave of a portfolio master. More...
class  CollectAll
 Collect all solutions. More...
class  CollectBest
 Collect best solutions. More...
class  PBS
 Parallel portfolio engine implementation. More...


Stoppbsstop (Stop *so)
 Create stop object.
Enginepbsengine (Engine **slaves, Stop **stops, unsigned int n_slaves, const Statistics &stat, bool best)
 Create parallel portfolio engine.

Function Documentation

Stop * Gecode::Search::Par::pbsstop ( Stop *  so  ) 

Create stop object.

Engine * Gecode::Search::Par::pbsengine ( Engine **  slaves,
Stop **  stops,
unsigned int  n_slaves,
const Statistics &  stat,
bool  best 

Create parallel portfolio engine.