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Generic branching support
[Programming models]


class  Gecode::ValBranch< Var >
 Value branching information. More...
class  Gecode::VarBranch< Var >
 Variable branching information. More...


 Tie-breaking for variable selection
 Branch with a function


typedef std::function< double(const
Space &home, double w, double
 Tie-break limit function.

Detailed Description

Support for randomization and tie-breaking that are independent of a particular variable domain.

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::function<double(const Space& home, double w, double b)> Gecode::BranchTbl

Tie-break limit function.

Here the value w is the worst and is the best merit value found. The function must return the merit value that is considered the limit for breaking ties.

Definition at line 48 of file var.hpp.