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Setting up scripts
[Interfacing to Gecode]

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Detailed Description

Scripts (or models) are programmed by inheriting from the class Gecode::Space. For many examples see Example scripts (models).


 Gecode::Space::Space (void)
 Default constructor.
virtual Gecode::Space::~Space (void)
 Gecode::Space::Space (bool share, Space &s)
 Constructor for cloning.
virtual Space * Gecode::Space::copy (bool share)=0
 Copying member function.
static void * Gecode::Space::operator new (size_t)
 Allocate memory from heap for new space.
static void Gecode::Space::operator delete (void *)
 Free memory allocated from heap.

Function Documentation

Gecode::Space::Space void   )  [inherited]

Default constructor.

Definition at line 37 of file

Gecode::Space::~Space void   )  [virtual, inherited]


Definition at line 94 of file

Gecode::Space::Space bool  share,
Space s

Constructor for cloning.

Must copy and update all data structures (such as variables and variable arrays) required by the subclass of Space.

If share is true, share all data structures among copies. Otherwise, make independent copies.

Definition at line 268 of file

virtual Space* Gecode::Space::copy bool  share  )  [pure virtual, inherited]

Copying member function.

Must create a new object using the constructor for cloning.

Implemented in AllInterval, AllInterval, Alpha, Baseline, BIBD, BlackHole, Cars, Crew, CrowdedChess, Donald, Eq20, Golf, Golomb, GraphColor, Grocery, Hamming, IndSet, Knights, LangfordNum, MagicSequence, MagicSequence, MagicSquare, Money, OrthoLatinSquare, Packing, Partition, Photo, PicturePuzzle, QueenArmies, Queens, SportsLeague, Steiner, StressDomain, StressElement, StressExec, StressMin, StressSearch, SudokuMixed, SudokuSet, Sudoku, and Warehouses.

void * Gecode::Space::operator new size_t   )  [inline, static, inherited]

Allocate memory from heap for new space.

Definition at line 960 of file core.icc.

void Gecode::Space::operator delete void *   )  [inline, static, inherited]

Free memory allocated from heap.

Definition at line 964 of file core.icc.