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Using Gecode

Including header files

Deciding which header files must be included when using Gecode is quite straightforward. There are the following header files for inclusion:

Other functionality is available through a set of header files. For example to access the implementation of particular propagators, a particular header file must be included. The header file to be included is always mentioned in the documentation of the class or function.

Linking libraries

Setting the exact name for a library on a particular platform aside, inclusion of header files basically coincides with against which library must be linked. That is:

The functionality in Support algorithms and datastructures and Range and value iterators require no library for linking. Reusing integer or set propagators of course require the integer or set library.

If there is a difference between library and DLL (such as on Windows) linking must be done against the appropriate library and the corresponding DLL must be available for execution (such as in the PATH environment variable).

Library names

Windows with Visual Studio

Unix (Linux, MacOS X)

Depending on whether Gecode was compiled as a static or as a dynamic library, different filename suffixes are used on different Unix platforms. All library names follow the following scheme:

where <EXT> depends on the library type and platform:

You can use for example

gcc -L$GPREFIX/lib -lgecodekernel

to link the kernel library, if the libraries are found in $GPREFIX/lib.