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order.hpp File Reference

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namespace  Gecode

Gecode toplevel namespace

namespace  Gecode::Int

Finite domain integers.

namespace  Gecode::Int::Sorted

Sorted propagators


template<class View , bool Perm>
void Gecode::Int::Sorted::sort_sigma (ViewArray< View > &x, ViewArray< View > &z)
 Build $\sigma$.
template<class View , bool Perm>
void Gecode::Int::Sorted::sort_tau (ViewArray< View > &x, ViewArray< View > &z, int tau[])
 Build $\tau$.
template<class View >
bool Gecode::Int::Sorted::normalize (Space &home, ViewArray< View > &y, ViewArray< View > &x, bool &nofix)
 Performing normalization on the views in y.
template<class View >
bool Gecode::Int::Sorted::perm_bc (Space &home, int tau[], SccComponent sinfo[], int scclist[], ViewArray< View > &x, ViewArray< View > &z, bool &crossingedge, bool &nofix)
 Bounds consistency on the permutation views.