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post.hpp File Reference

#include <algorithm>
#include <climits>

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class  Gecode::Int::Linear::TermLess< View >
 Sort linear terms by view. More...


namespace  Gecode

Gecode toplevel namespace

namespace  Gecode::Int

Finite domain integers.

namespace  Gecode::Int::Linear

Linear propagators


template<class View >
void Gecode::Int::Linear::estimate (Term< View > *t, int n, int c, int &l, int &u)
 Estimate lower and upper bounds.
int Gecode::Int::Linear::gcd (int a, int b)
 Compute the greatest common divisor of a and b.
template<class View >
bool Gecode::Int::Linear::normalize (Term< View > *t, int &n, Term< View > *&t_p, int &n_p, Term< View > *&t_n, int &n_n, int &g)
 Normalize linear integer constraints.