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view.hpp File Reference

#include <algorithm>

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class  Gecode::Int::Element::RelTestBnd< VA, VC >
 Class for bounds-equality test. More...
class  Gecode::Int::Element::RelTestBnd< VA, ConstIntView >
 Class for bounds-equality test (specialized). More...
class  Gecode::Int::Element::RelTestDom< VA, VC >
 Class for domain-equality test. More...
class  Gecode::Int::Element::RelTestDom< VA, ConstIntView >
 Class for domain-equality test (specialized). More...
class  Gecode::Int::Element::IterIdxView< View >
 Value iterator for indices in index-view map. More...


namespace  Gecode

Gecode toplevel namespace

namespace  Gecode::Int

Finite domain integers.

namespace  Gecode::Int::Element

Element propagators


template<class VA , class VB , class VC , PropCond pc_ac, class RelTest >
ExecStatus Gecode::Int::Element::scan (Space &home, IdxViewArray< VA > &iv, VB x0, VC x1, Propagator &p, RelTest rt)