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Gecode::Kernel::FunctionBranch::Description Member List

This is the complete list of members for Gecode::Kernel::FunctionBranch::Description, including all inherited members.
alternatives(void) const Gecode::Choice [inline]
archive(Archive &e) const Gecode::Kernel::FunctionBranch::Description [virtual]
Choice(const Brancher &b, const unsigned int a)Gecode::Choice [inline, protected]
Description(const Brancher &b, unsigned int a)Gecode::Kernel::FunctionBranch::Description [inline]
operator delete(void *p)Gecode::HeapAllocated [inline, static]
operator new(size_t s)Gecode::HeapAllocated [inline, static]
~Choice(void)Gecode::Choice [inline, virtual]