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How to Change from Gecode 4.4.0 to Gecode 5.0.0

As Gecode 5.0.0 is a major revision, your programs that are written for Gecode 4.4.0 are likely to require some modifications, yet very few, before they work again.

Removed Brancher Handles

Brancher handles have been removed as they can be expressed easily by brancher groups, please consult MPG for details.

New Integer Propagation Levels

The concept of integer consistency level "IntConLevel" has been replaced by integer propagation level "IntPropLevel". In most cases it should be sufficient to:

  • search and replace ICL_ by IPL_.
  • search and replace IntConLevel by IntPropLevel.
  • use the commandline option -ipl rather than -icl.

Integer propagation levels are more expressive than integer consistency levels. They can also express other propagation preferences such as speed, memory, basic, or advanced. Please consult MPG for details.