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Unsharing variables in arrays
[Testing finite domain integers]


class  Test::Int::Unshare::Int
 Test for unsharing integer variables More...
class  Test::Int::Unshare::Bool
 Test for unsharing Boolean variables More...
class  Test::Int::Unshare::Failed
 Test for unsharing in failed spaces More...


Int Test::Int::Unshare::i_bnd (Gecode::IPL_BND)
Int Test::Int::Unshare::i_dom (Gecode::IPL_DOM)
Bool Test::Int::Unshare::b
Failed Test::Int::Unshare::f

Variable Documentation

Int Test::Int::Unshare::i_bnd(Gecode::IPL_BND)
Int Test::Int::Unshare::i_dom(Gecode::IPL_DOM)

Definition at line 125 of file unshare.cpp.

Definition at line 127 of file unshare.cpp.