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bin-packing.cpp File Reference

(Revision: 15395)

#include <gecode/driver.hh>
#include <gecode/int.hh>
#include <gecode/minimodel.hh>
#include <algorithm>

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class  CDBF
 Custom brancher implementing CDBF. More...
class  CDBF::Choice
 Choice More...
class  BinPacking
 Example: Bin packing More...


void cdbf (Home home, const IntVarArgs &l, const IntVarArgs &b, const IntArgs &s)
 Post branching (assumes that s is sorted).

Function Documentation

void cdbf ( Home  home,
const IntVarArgs l,
const IntVarArgs b,
const IntArgs s 

Post branching (assumes that s is sorted).

Definition at line 389 of file bin-packing.cpp.