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Gecode::StatusStatistics Class Reference

Statistics for execution of status More...

#include <core.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 StatusStatistics (void)
void reset (void)
 Reset information.
StatusStatistics operator+ (const StatusStatistics &s)
 Return sum with s.
StatusStatisticsoperator+= (const StatusStatistics &s)
 Increment by statistics s.

Public Attributes

unsigned long int propagate
 Number of propagator executions.

Detailed Description

Statistics for execution of status

Definition at line 1698 of file core.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Gecode::StatusStatistics::StatusStatistics ( void   )  [inline]


Definition at line 4739 of file core.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void Gecode::StatusStatistics::reset ( void   )  [inline]

Reset information.

Reimplemented in Gecode::Search::Statistics.

Definition at line 4735 of file core.hpp.

StatusStatistics Gecode::StatusStatistics::operator+ ( const StatusStatistics s  )  [inline]

Return sum with s.

Definition at line 4748 of file core.hpp.

StatusStatistics & Gecode::StatusStatistics::operator+= ( const StatusStatistics s  )  [inline]

Increment by statistics s.

Definition at line 4743 of file core.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

Number of propagator executions.

Definition at line 1701 of file core.hpp.

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