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int.cpp File Reference

#include "test/assign.hh"

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class  Test::Assign::Int
 Test assignment with distinct propagator More...


namespace  Test

General test support.

namespace  Test::Assign

Tests for assignments.


Gecode::IntSet Test::Assign::d_dense (-2, 2)
const int Test::Assign::v_sparse [5] = {-100,-10,0,10,100}
Gecode::IntSet Test::Assign::d_sparse (v_sparse, 5)
Gecode::IntSet Test::Assign::d_large (-2, 10)
Int Test::Assign::d_3 ("Dense::3", d_dense, 3)
Int Test::Assign::d_5 ("Dense::5", d_dense, 5)
Int Test::Assign::s_3 ("Sparse::3", d_sparse, 3)
Int Test::Assign::s_5 ("Sparse::5", d_sparse, 5)
Int Test::Assign::l_2 ("Large::2", d_large, 2)
Int Test::Assign::l_3 ("Large::3", d_large, 3)