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brancher.hpp File Reference

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namespace  Gecode

Gecode toplevel namespace

namespace  Gecode::Set

Finite integer sets.

namespace  Gecode::Set::LDSB

Symmetry breaking for set variables.


template<class View >
ValueSymmetryImp< View > * Gecode::Set::LDSB::specialUpdate (Space &home, ValueSymmetryImp< View > *s, IntSet usedValues)
 Bulk update of a value symmetry s, using usedValues.
template<class View , int n, class Val , unsigned int a>
void Gecode::Set::LDSB::postldsbsetbrancher (Home home, ViewArray< View > &x, ViewSel< View > *vs[n], ValSelCommitBase< View, Val > *vsc, SymmetryImp< View > **syms, int nsyms, BranchFilter< typename View::VarType > bf, VarValPrint< typename View::VarType, Val > vvp)