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GoldenSpiral Member List

This is the complete list of members for GoldenSpiral, including all inherited members.
compare(const Space &home, std::ostream &os) const Gecode::Driver::ScriptBase< BaseSpace > [inline, virtual]
copy(void)GoldenSpiral [inline, virtual]
cost(void) const GoldenSpiral [inline, virtual]
fGoldenSpiral [protected]
GoldenSpiral(const Options &opt)GoldenSpiral [inline]
GoldenSpiral(GoldenSpiral &p)GoldenSpiral [inline]
print(std::ostream &os) const GoldenSpiral [inline, virtual]
run(const Options &opt, Script *s=NULL)Gecode::Driver::ScriptBase< BaseSpace > [inline, static]
ScriptBase(const Options &opt)Gecode::Driver::ScriptBase< BaseSpace > [inline]
ScriptBase(ScriptBase &e)Gecode::Driver::ScriptBase< BaseSpace > [inline]
select_ostream(const char *sn, std::ofstream &ofs)Gecode::Driver::ScriptBase< BaseSpace > [inline, static]