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treecanvas.hh File Reference

(Revision: 11346)

#include <QtGui>
#include <gecode/kernel.hh>
#include <gecode/gist.hh>
#include <gecode/gist/visualnode.hh>

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class  Gecode::Gist::SearcherThread
 A thread that concurrently explores the tree. More...
class  Gecode::Gist::TreeCanvas
 A canvas that displays the search tree. More...


namespace  Gecode

Gecode toplevel namespace

namespace  Gecode::Gist

The Gecode Interactive Search Tool.

namespace  Gecode::Gist::LayoutConfig

Parameters for the tree layout.


const int Gecode::Gist::LayoutConfig::minScale = 10
 Minimum scale factor.
const int Gecode::Gist::LayoutConfig::maxScale = 400
 Maximum scale factor.
const int Gecode::Gist::LayoutConfig::defScale = 100
 Default scale factor.
const int Gecode::Gist::LayoutConfig::maxAutoZoomScale = defScale
 Maximum scale factor for automatic zoom.