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int.cpp File Reference

(Revision: 11761)

#include "test/set.hh"
#include "test/int.hh"
#include <gecode/minimodel.hh>

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class  Test::Set::Int::Card
 Test for cardinality constraint More...
class  Test::Set::Int::Min
 Test for minimal element constraint More...
class  Test::Set::Int::NotMin
 Test for negated minimal element constraint More...
class  Test::Set::Int::Max
 Test for maximal element constraint More...
class  Test::Set::Int::NotMax
 Test for negated maximal element constraint More...
class  Test::Set::Int::Elem
 Test for element constraint More...
class  Test::Set::Int::NoElem
 Test for negated element constraint More...
class  Test::Set::Int::Rel
 Test for relation constraint More...
class  Test::Set::Int::IntRel
 Test for integer relation constraint More...
class  Test::Set::Int::Weights
 Test for set weight constraint More...
class  Test::Set::Int::Match
 Test for match constraint More...
class  Test::Set::Int::ChannelInt
 Test for integer channel constraint More...
class  Test::Set::Int::ChannelBool
 Test for Boolean channel constraint More...


namespace  Test

General test support.

namespace  Test::Set

Testing finite sets.

namespace  Test::Set::Int

Tests for combined int/set constraints


template<class I >
int Test::Set::Int::weightI (const IntArgs &elements, const IntArgs &weights, I &iter)


Card Test::Set::Int::_card ("Int::Card")
Min Test::Set::Int::_min ("Int::Min")
NotMin Test::Set::Int::_notmin ("Int::NotMin")
Max Test::Set::Int::_max ("Int::Max")
NotMax Test::Set::Int::_notmax ("Int::NotMax")
Elem Test::Set::Int::_elem ("Int::Elem")
NoElem Test::Set::Int::_noelem ("Int::NoElem")
Rel Test::Set::Int::_rel_eq (Gecode::SRT_EQ, false)
Rel Test::Set::Int::_rel_nq (Gecode::SRT_NQ, false)
Rel Test::Set::Int::_rel_sub (Gecode::SRT_SUB, false)
Rel Test::Set::Int::_rel_sup (Gecode::SRT_SUP, false)
Rel Test::Set::Int::_rel_disj (Gecode::SRT_DISJ, false)
Rel Test::Set::Int::_rel_cmpl (Gecode::SRT_CMPL, false)
Rel Test::Set::Int::_rel_eqi (Gecode::SRT_EQ, true)
Rel Test::Set::Int::_rel_nqi (Gecode::SRT_NQ, true)
Rel Test::Set::Int::_rel_subi (Gecode::SRT_SUB, true)
Rel Test::Set::Int::_rel_supi (Gecode::SRT_SUP, true)
Rel Test::Set::Int::_rel_disji (Gecode::SRT_DISJ, true)
Rel Test::Set::Int::_rel_cmpli (Gecode::SRT_CMPL, true)
IntRel Test::Set::Int::_intrel_eq (Gecode::IRT_EQ, false)
IntRel Test::Set::Int::_intrel_nq (Gecode::IRT_NQ, false)
IntRel Test::Set::Int::_intrel_gr (Gecode::IRT_GR, false)
IntRel Test::Set::Int::_intrel_gq (Gecode::IRT_GQ, false)
IntRel Test::Set::Int::_intrel_le (Gecode::IRT_LE, false)
IntRel Test::Set::Int::_intrel_lq (Gecode::IRT_LQ, false)
IntRel Test::Set::Int::_intrel_eqi (Gecode::IRT_EQ, true)
IntRel Test::Set::Int::_intrel_nqi (Gecode::IRT_NQ, true)
IntRel Test::Set::Int::_intrel_gri (Gecode::IRT_GR, true)
IntRel Test::Set::Int::_intrel_gqi (Gecode::IRT_GQ, true)
IntRel Test::Set::Int::_intrel_lei (Gecode::IRT_LE, true)
IntRel Test::Set::Int::_intrel_lqi (Gecode::IRT_LQ, true)
const int Test::Set::Int::el1v [] = {-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3}
IntArgs Test::Set::Int::el1 (7, el1v)
const int Test::Set::Int::w1v [] = {1,-2,1,1,1,6,1}
IntArgs Test::Set::Int::w1 (7, w1v)
Weights Test::Set::Int::_weights1 ("Int::Weights::1", el1, w1)
const int Test::Set::Int::w2v [] = {-1,-1,-1,10,-1,-1,-1}
IntArgs Test::Set::Int::w2 (7, w2v)
Weights Test::Set::Int::_weights2 ("Int::Weights::2", el1, w2)
Weights Test::Set::Int::_weights3 ("Int::Weights::3", el1, w2, 3)
const int Test::Set::Int::w4v [] = {1,1,0,0,0,0,0}
IntArgs Test::Set::Int::w4 (7, w4v)
Weights Test::Set::Int::_weights4 ("Int::Weights::4", el1, w4)
Match Test::Set::Int::_match ("Int::Match")
ChannelInt Test::Set::Int::_channelint1 ("Int::Channel::Int::1", d2, 2, 3)
ChannelInt Test::Set::Int::_channelint2 ("Int::Channel::Int::2", d3, 3, 3)
ChannelBool Test::Set::Int::_channelbool1 ("Int::Channel::Bool::1", d2, 3)
ChannelBool Test::Set::Int::_channelbool2 ("Int::Channel::Bool::2", d3, 3)
ChannelBool Test::Set::Int::_channelbool3 ("Int::Channel::Bool::3", d4, 5)