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convex.cpp File Reference

(Revision: 10684)

#include "test/set.hh"

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class  Test::Set::Convex::Convex
 Test for convexity propagator More...
class  Test::Set::Convex::ConvexHull
 Test for convex hull propagator More...
class  Test::Set::Convex::ConvexHullS
 Sharing test for convex hull propagator. More...


namespace  Test

General test support.

namespace  Test::Set

Testing finite sets.

namespace  Test::Set::Convex

Tests for convexity constraints


Convex Test::Set::Convex::_convex ("Convex::Convex")
ConvexHull Test::Set::Convex::_convexhull ("Convex::ConvexHull")
ConvexHullS Test::Set::Convex::_convexhulls ("Convex::Sharing::ConvexHullS")