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enum  Gecode::SpaceStatus { Gecode::SS_FAILED, Gecode::SS_SOLVED, Gecode::SS_BRANCH }
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SpaceStatus Gecode::Space::status (unsigned long int &pn=unused_uli)
 Query space status.
const BranchingDesc * Gecode::Space::description (void) const
 Create new branching description for current branching.
Space * Gecode::Space::clone (bool share=true)
 Clone space.
void Gecode::Space::commit (const BranchingDesc *d, unsigned int a)
 Commit branching description d and for alternative a.

Enumeration Type Documentation

Space status

SS_FAILED  Space is failed
SS_SOLVED  Space is solved (no branching left)
SS_BRANCH  Space must be branched (at least one branching left)

Definition at line 995 of file core.icc.

Function Documentation

SpaceStatus Gecode::Space::status ( unsigned long int &  pn = unused_uli  )  [inherited]

Query space status.

Propagates the space until fixpoint or failure and increments pn by the number of propagator executions.

  • if the space is failed, SpaceStatus::SS_FAILED is returned.
  • if the space is not failed but the space has no branching left, SpaceStatus::SS_SOLVED is returned.
  • otherwise, SpaceStatus::SS_BRANCH is returned.

Definition at line 220 of file

const BranchingDesc * Gecode::Space::description ( void   )  const [inline, inherited]

Create new branching description for current branching.

This member function can only be called after the member function Space::status on the same space has been called and in between no non-const member function has been called on this space.

Note that the above invariant only pertains to calls of member functions of the same space. If the invariant is violated, the system is likely to crash (hopefully it does). In particular, if applied to a space with no current branching, the system will crash.

Definition at line 1934 of file core.icc.

Space * Gecode::Space::clone ( bool  share = true  )  [inherited]

Clone space.

Assumes that the space is stable and not failed. If the space is failed, an exception of type SpaceFailed is thrown. If the space is not stable, an exception of SpaceNotStable is thrown.

Otherwise, a clone of the space is returned. If share is true, sharable datastructures are shared among the clone and the original space. If share is false, independent copies of the shared datastructures must be created. This means that a clone with no sharing can be used in a different thread without any interaction with the original space.

Definition at line 417 of file

void Gecode::Space::commit ( const BranchingDesc d,
unsigned int  a 
) [inherited]

Commit branching description d and for alternative a.

The current branching in the space performs a commit from the information provided by the branching description d and the alternative a.

Note that no propagation is perfomed (to support batch recomputation), in order to perform propagation the member function status must be used.

Committing with branching descriptions must be carried out in the same order as the branch descriptions have been obtained by the member function Space::description().

It is perfectly okay to add constraints interleaved with branching descriptions (provided they are in the right order). However, if propagation is performed by calling the member function status and then new branching descriptions are computed, these branching descriptions are different.

Committing throws the following exceptions:

  • SpaceNoBranching, if the space has no current branching (it is already solved).
  • SpaceIllegalAlternative, if a is not smaller than the number of alternatives supported by the branching description d.

Definition at line 319 of file