Gecode: Community

Questions and Answers

You can contact the Gecode developers and users via a Google group. But, please make sure to not waste your time and the time of others:

  • Please check Gecode's documentation first.
  • Please check previous discussions in the Gecode Google Group.
  • You can also have a look at the archive of the old Gecode users' mailing list. It is a little messy but useful!
  • Please focus on questions specific to Gecode. For general questions about constraint programming more suitable forums exist.
  • Please provide sufficient detail: describe your platform (operating system, compiler, Gecode version) and your problem (what does not work, what do you want to do, what is the problem you observe) as accurately as you can.
  • Please do not contact individual developers: it is much better to build a comprehensive archive of questions and answers related to Gecode that can be useful for everyone. If you have any questions not suitable for the public group, please do not hesitate to contact one of the authors directly.
  • Never ask for solutions to homework. The only more offensive thing you could do is to provide a solution on the group if someone has violated the no homework policy!

Technical Discussion Group

For technical discussions about Gecode, please use the Gecode Google Group. You can also send to email to the group using the address


We are grateful for any suggestions how to improve Gecode. Please report any bug you should find as well as feature requests using the Gecode issue page on GitHub.

Please do not report bugs in external projects to Gecode, in particular not for those distributed with Gecode in the contribs directory.


Gecode was founded by Christian Schulte (KTH, Sweden), who led the development until his passing (ACP In Memoriam).

Gecode is currently developed by

For a complete list of authors, contributors, and bugfixers, please refer to the license and authors information in the reference documentation.

The Gecode logo has been designed by Christian Lindig. You can download the logo in different formats and sizes.