[gecode-users] Order of branching

Christian Schulte cschulte at kth.se
Thu Jan 7 16:22:18 CET 2016


While in principle doable (one could call it INT_VAR_PATH or something), I
am not really convinced that one should actually do it: stuff to be added
must be reasonably reusable and I am not really sure that this is the case

There is a tradeoff here: Adding something to Gecode's integer module comes
at a price because the system gets bigger, requires more doc and so on. It
might be cheaper to not add it but leave it to the user. After all, you can
do it easily enough in Gecode yourself. That is the very reason why Gecode
has the extensive documentation of how to do stuff yourself.

But if there are more users who express interest I am willing to consider...


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Thanks for the "Knights" example.
Could this be an improvement of Gecode than developing this brancher so that
we can call via the branch method? If so how can we call the variable
selection  strategy?

Merry Chrismath !

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