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Mon Jul 15 01:22:47 CEST 2013

The error clearly states that the argument arrays have different sizes (in line 75), so you're probably confusing rows and columns.  Check the docs for Matrix.

If you can't see where the error originated, you can use gdb with "catch throw" to catch exceptions (or some other debugger).

And please don't post to users-owner.


On 14/07/2013, at 3:03 AM, manel askri <askri.manel1 at gmail.com> wrote:

> hi every one !
> i'm sorry to be so bothering but i really don't know how to solve my problem here:
> Mathematically, the placement problem the placement of testers into the right nodes) can be modeled by merging the two introduced knapsack variants: multidimensional and multiple knapsack problems. The obtained model is called Multiple Multidimensional Knapsack Problem (MMKP).. We assume that the
> execution environment consists of m nodes and we have n test components that
> may be assigned to them. We attempt to find an optimal solution of test com-
> ponent placement not violating resource and connectivity constraints and also
> maximizing their placement profit. We can formulate this problem using the MMKP variant 
>  there is more details in a file below :
> The provided resources by the m nodes are given through three vectors: C
> that contains the provided CPU, R that provides the available RAM and B that
> contains the battery level of each node( see the C,R,B representations)
> In addition, the required resources for each test component are illustrated over
> three vectors: Dcthat carries the required CPU, Drthat contains the required
> RAM and Dbthat contains the required Battery by each tester.( see the Dc,Dr,Db representations)
> i have got an error that i dont know the sorce , i will post also my code file MMKP.cpp 
> Thanks for evry help and very sorry to bother you again 
> <MMKP.cpp><MMKP Model.png><C,R,B representations.png><Dc,DB,DR representations.png>_______________________________________________
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