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Yes that is a bug in the default constructor of NaryUnion. Alas, I have no
idea yet how to fix it (the point is, this damned thing should not have a
default constructor in the first place ;-( ).


The reason why the default constructor comes into play is because of the
array declaration narr[2] which runs the default constructor on narr[0] and
narr[1]. What would make it work is if you first run a call to init() on the
array elements narr[.] rather than an assignment operator.






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In Gecode 4.1 creating n-ary union of variable ranges and assigning to a
NaryUnion causes a segmentation fault, whereas in Gecode 3.7.3 it seems to
Region myRegion(*this); 
Iter::Ranges::NaryUnion narr[2];
IntVarRanges* varRange = myRegion.alloc<IntVarRanges>(x.size()); // x is
IntVarArray variables of the model 
for (int r=0; r < x.size(); r++) {

narr[0]  =  Iter::Ranges::NaryUnion(myRegion, varRange, x.size());

If we instead create only one NaryUnion then it works fine in Gecode 4.1:
Iter::Ranges::NaryUnion uni(myRegion, varRange, x.size());

I also attached a minimal code demonstrating this issue. Do you think if
there is something I'm missing here?


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