[gecode-users] Using IntActivity with space

Christian Schulte cschulte at kth.se
Wed Jul 10 10:45:08 CEST 2013

Hi Kish,

No, there is no easy way to get activity for dynamically added variables.
Doable but this would be a very different implementation. In contrast to
AFC, activity lives completely outside the kernel.


Christian Schulte, Professor of Computer Science, KTH,

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I am now looking at adding the variable activity selection to the interface
I am writing.

 From reading the MPG, it looks like IntActivity has a similar API to
IntAFC, and so cannot be easily used in my code. So is there anyway to setup
and use it in a similar way to what Christian suggested for AFC previously?
That is,

1) to setup the recording of activity for all variables in the space,
    including variables that are dynamically added
2) to obtain the activity of a variable outside of the search engine
3) change the decay for all variables

For 2), I could not find an equivalent function to afc() in the
Gecode::IntVar Member List page that Christian pointed to previously (which
does list the afc method).

Thanks in advance for any information!



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