[gecode-users] Using AFC in Gecode 4, more

Kish Shen kisshen at cisco.com
Tue Jul 9 04:20:22 CEST 2013


I probably posted my last message too quickly. I suspect I might not 
have given enough background for what I mean by 'doing search in ECLiPSe'.

ECLiPSe use 'events' to record any changes to the Gecode state -- adding 
variables, adding propagators, setting a variable to a value, removing a 
value from a variable, i.e. events are used to set up the problem, as 
well as the 'search'. When the search is done in ECLiPSe,
then the setting (and removal) of values are done at the ECLiPSe level, 
and Gecode is updated using events, i.e. the search is not done using 
Gecode branching. Rather, branching is done at the ECLiPSe level as part 
of a normal Prolog search-tree, and the recomputation/cloning of space 
is explicitly managed by ECLiPSe, using events to recompute from the 
nearest clone.

Hope this short explanation is enough to convey the essentials of how 
search is done in ECLiPSe...



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