[gecode-users] Autolinking to Flatzinc library

Christian Schulte cschulte at kth.se
Wed Jan 11 10:45:15 CET 2012



The auto-linking is controlled by which headers your programs include. So as
long as your program include <gecode/flatzinc.hh> the corresponding DLL will
be picked up for linking.


But I do not really understand what you mean by building fz.exe as
standalone: it requires the flatzinc DLL and you can't build fz.exe without


Disabling auto linking is quite tricky as it is an all-or-nothing thing:
switching off autolinking would require that you manually link against all
the other Gecode DLLs.






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  I am trying to make some minor changes to the flatzinc to gecode
interpreter and want to turn off the autolinking for the purpose (since
autolinking tries to link to flatzinc library as well).  If there a
particular way to turn off the autolinking. I built the gecode source
disabling the flatzinc and then tried to build fz as a standalone but it
still is searching for flatzinc library. Not sure how to get around it.


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