[gecode-users] Randomness in Branching

Guido Tack tack at ps.uni-sb.de
Sat Jan 31 10:05:16 CET 2009

Jeffrey wrote:

> As there could be a lot of solutions in an CSP, i'm looking for a  
> way to inject randomness during the branching so that the first  
> solution everytime I get is random.
> I found a post in June 6 saying that a random branching will be  
> provided in Gecode 3.0.x.
> Is that true?

Yes.  Random branchings (both variable and value selection) are  
available in the current trunk of Gecode.  This will become Gecode  
3.0.0 in a couple of weeks (we'll let you know some more details about  
the planned release next week).

> Secondly, before Gecode 3.0.x is avaliable, is there any other way I  
> could make it with Gecode 2.2.x?
> Say, associating a random no. with each branching variable and have  
> someway to ask Gecode to consider that random no. during branching?

I wouldn't bother with modifying 2.2.x now, and instead move to the  
trunk.  It's pretty stable already, we're mainly working on minor  
things that won't change the API, and on documentation.


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