[gecode-users] Branching and FlatZincGecode

Morten Boysen boysen at itu.dk
Tue Jan 27 00:16:53 CET 2009


I am trying to add new propagators to the FlatZincGecode space, and I 
have some question regarding this:

1) What is the defualt variable order for the FlatZincGecode space?

2) If I want to add my own branching heuristic, I believe I need to 
remove the branchings posted to the FlatZincGecode space or else my 
branching will not have any effect. Is this true?

3) I want to make a branching that follows the standard "fail-first" 
heuristic, that is, choose the value with the smallest domain possible 
and then use a special value heuristic. As I understand I need to 
implement a branching for the integer variables in the FlatZincGecode 
space and a branching for the boolean variables. If I understand it 
correctly, this means the search will process all integer variables 
first and then the boolean variables or vice verse, depending on the 
order the branching were posted to the space (the branching posted first 
is tested first). Is this correct?

Morten Boysen

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