[gecode-users] DDS in trunk version : does distinct support self-decomposition?

Martin Mann mmann at informatik.uni-freiburg.de
Tue Jan 13 19:10:59 CET 2009


I am preparing and updating my code for the next release of Gecode to 
utilize DDS. For that I update everything to work with the current trunk.

An important question for me at this point: Is the distinct propagator 
self-decomposing to work properly with DDS or do I've got to come up 
with a 'hacked' version. :)
And concerning that: do you have plans for a set of DDS-dedicated 
self-decomposing propagators or a module for this?

Furthermore, in the current trunk the DDS module is not working and 
stops compilation on my machine. Is the module stable or currently under 
construction? So do I've got to search for the problem on my machine or 
just wait for some time for the final changes?

Thanks for your help,


PS. btw any release plans for 3.0? ;) I wont give up ... *grin*

Martin Mann, Dipl. Bioinf.
Bioinformatics - Inst. of Computer Science
Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg
Tel: ++49-761-203-8259
Fax: ++49-761-203-7462

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