[gecode-users] question about view types and propagator templates

Denys Duchier denys.duchier at univ-orleans.fr
Wed Jan 7 15:33:39 CET 2009

Happy New Year to you all!

"Christian Schulte" <cschulte at kth.se> writes:

> well the principle was: just make them general enough so that it works for
> the cases we use in Gecode... Do you want them more general than that?

Actually, as a user of Gecode, I had remained sofar completely oblivious
to these design oddities.  However, I have been developing a new family
of constraints, and, as an implementor, I have to make design decisions.
I went to the existing code for guidance and I got confused: it didn't
seem to follow a very clear design paradigm.  That's why I asked.  Also:
is there a downside to providing the most general templates?



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