[gecode-users] Who submitted Gecode to sourcearchive.com?

Guido Tack tack at ps.uni-sb.de
Tue Apr 7 05:08:29 CEST 2009

Hi everyone,

it seems that sourcearchive.com just automatically downloads new  
Debian packages, unpacks them, and runs doxygen on the result.  That's  
of course a pretty useless service, but we can't do much about it.   
I'll ask the administrator to add a robots.txt to his website, so that  
the docs are not indexed.


Christian Schulte wrote:

> Dear users,
> I just stumbled upon
> 	http://sourcearchive.com/
> which seriously diminishes the usefulness of Gecode (IMHO) by  
> putting all
> outdated Gecode documentation on the Web such that it gets indexed  
> by web
> search engines. Now, a search engine will vomit lots of outdated  
> hits at you
> when you search for a Gecode concept. Brilliant! Well done!
> Please, I would like you to understand that we are extremely liberal  
> in what
> we ask you to do and what not to do with Gecode. It is not a legal  
> issue, it
> is just an issue whether you as a user are willing to show a little  
> respect
> for our wishes (and these particular wishes are rational and not  
> selfish).
> To remind you, we just ask one thing for our documentation:
>> We kindly ask that documentation is not installed anywhere in such  
>> a way
> that it will be
>> indexed by search engines.
> We would be delighted if this wish would be granted. After all, all  
> previous
> documentation is available from Gecode's website anyway.
> If you disagree with our policy, please let us know so that we can  
> discuss.
> If you were unaware of our policy, please remove the documentation  
> from the
> above mentioned website ASAP.
> Christian
> PS: I have to admit that I am quite shocked, as far as I can see we  
> are
> extremely liberal in any respect how OUR software and documentation  
> is used.
> But, still, that seems to be something that some people just do not  
> care to
> respect. Very disappointing. And - of course - incidents like this  
> will make
> people like us think twice in the future.
> --
> Christian Schulte, www.it.kth.se/~cschulte/
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