[gecode-users] Who submitted Gecode to sourcearchive.com?

Christian Schulte cschulte at kth.se
Tue Apr 7 00:03:37 CEST 2009

Dear users,

I just stumbled upon
which seriously diminishes the usefulness of Gecode (IMHO) by putting all
outdated Gecode documentation on the Web such that it gets indexed by web
search engines. Now, a search engine will vomit lots of outdated hits at you
when you search for a Gecode concept. Brilliant! Well done!

Please, I would like you to understand that we are extremely liberal in what
we ask you to do and what not to do with Gecode. It is not a legal issue, it
is just an issue whether you as a user are willing to show a little respect
for our wishes (and these particular wishes are rational and not selfish). 

To remind you, we just ask one thing for our documentation:

> We kindly ask that documentation is not installed anywhere in such a way
that it will be 
> indexed by search engines.

We would be delighted if this wish would be granted. After all, all previous
documentation is available from Gecode's website anyway.

If you disagree with our policy, please let us know so that we can discuss.
If you were unaware of our policy, please remove the documentation from the
above mentioned website ASAP.


PS: I have to admit that I am quite shocked, as far as I can see we are
extremely liberal in any respect how OUR software and documentation is used.
But, still, that seems to be something that some people just do not care to
respect. Very disappointing. And - of course - incidents like this will make
people like us think twice in the future.

Christian Schulte, www.it.kth.se/~cschulte/

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