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Christian Schulte cschulte at kth.se
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You inherit from UnaryPropagator with propagation condition PC_INT_DOM: that means that the propagator is executed each time its variable changes! That is just the normal behavior of a propagator of this subclass: the propagator subscribes to the variable with the given propagation condition and cancels its subscription when it becomes subsumed.

To make use of advisors you have to _not_ subscribe so that you can control scheduling by an advisor. That's possible by passing the (phoney) propagation condition PC_INT_NONE instead: no subscriptions are created.


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Hello all,

I have a very naive question about advisors and the way to implement them. I have a propagator which is very costly and if some condition holds then I don't need to execute it. I am trying to implement this by using advisors: the advisor detects if the condition holds and then returns ES_FIX to avoid propagation. After trying to implement that with not success, I end up by writing a propagator with an advisor that actually prevents the propagator to be executed. This is, a propagator that does nothing because its advisor always return ES_FIX.

The code is attached to this mail but I cannot get the intended behavior, instead, the propagator is executed at every computation space during the search and not only once as I expected. Obviously I am doing something wrong or simply is a misunderstood on what an advisor can do. Any help is very welcome.

Thanks in advance,

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