[gecode-users] Exists some other documentation than Doxygen style?

Michal Tuláček michal at tulacek.eu
Thu Nov 27 13:01:52 CET 2008


  I am writing a bachelor thesis which is focused on comparing of
several constraint solvers. I compare the objective criterions - the
spent time and memory on solving of several benchmarks as well as
subjective criterions - the main focus is on easiness of learning of

Now I am in state, that Gecode looks interesting, it seems it offers
lots of possibilites how to describe a constraint problem but there is
a bit lack of documentation. I found only a doxygen generated
documentation but this is by my opinion best for "user who knows what
and how but doesnt know the exact spelling of function names or their
parameters" but mostly unuseful for new users who would need some
introduction. There are also some example problems, but the fact that
it is implementation of Example<> template, and the actual calls to
solver (initialization, etc.) is hidden somewhere in the parent
classes makes it more difficult for a newbie.

So my question is simple: Is there some tutorial to Gecode, even if
that would be for example only draft or something like that?

Thanks for answer, Michal Tulacek

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