[gecode-users] member function branching

Patrik Haslum patrik.haslum at anu.edu.au
Wed Nov 19 05:24:49 CET 2008

Hi again,

I've implemented a "proper" custom branching (with branching 
descriptions etc). I've also run some experiments testing the effect of 
changing the c-d parameter, and results are not what I expected.

I used two different settings, c-d = 8 and c-d = 1, with both "basic" 
branching (i.e., only calling the built-in "branch" function, for each 
of two variable arrays, in the space constructor) and with my custom 
branching. In *all* cases, using c-d = 8 does more propagation than 
using c-d = 1! Runtimes do not always correlate with the amount of 
propagation done, but, for the custom branching strategy at least, using 
c-d = 1 is faster on all non-trivial problems. (A summary of the 
experiment results is attached.)

Is there an explanation for this result?

			/P at trik
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