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Modeling and Programming with Gecode

Modeling and Programming with Gecode provides comprehensive documentation of how to model and program with Gecode.

The first part of the document explains modeling and solving constraint problems with Gecode. It explains how to program, compile, link, and execute these models. It provides an overview of integer, Boolean, and set variables and constraints, modeling support, search, and Gist. This is complemented by a comprehensive collection of case studies of how to model with Gecode.

The remaining, more advanced, parts are about programming with Gecode. They explain in great detail and with numerous examples the concepts and techniques for programming constraints, branchings, search engines, and new variable types with Gecode. The parts' coverage puts users on par with Gecode's developers.

Download: Modeling and Programming with Gecode. License: Creative Commons License Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0.

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