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flatzinc.cpp File Reference

(Revision: 15623)

#include <gecode/flatzinc.hh>
#include <iostream>
#include <gecode/kernel.hh>
#include <gecode/int.hh>
#include <gecode/set.hh>
#include <gecode/float.hh>
#include <map>
#include <gecode/support/auto-link.hpp>
#include <gecode/driver.hh>
#include <string>
#include <gecode/flatzinc/ast.hh>
#include <vector>
#include <gecode/flatzinc.hh>
#include <gecode/search.hh>
#include <sstream>
#include <limits>

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class  Gecode::FlatZinc::AuxVarBrancher
 Branching on the introduced variables. More...
class  Gecode::FlatZinc::AuxVarBrancher::Choice
 Choice that only signals failure or success More...
class  Gecode::FlatZinc::BranchInformationO
class  Gecode::FlatZinc::GistEngine< Engine >
 Traits class for search engines. More...
class  Gecode::FlatZinc::GistEngine< DFS< S > >
 Specialization for DFS. More...
class  Gecode::FlatZinc::GistEngine< BAB< S > >
 Specialization for BAB. More...
class  Gecode::FlatZinc::FZPrintingInspector< S >
 An inspector for printing simple text output. More...
class  Gecode::FlatZinc::FZPrintingComparator< S >


namespace  Gecode

Gecode toplevel namespace

namespace  Gecode::FlatZinc

Interpreter for the FlatZinc language.


template<class Var >
void Gecode::FlatZinc::varValPrint (const Space &home, const Brancher &b, unsigned int a, Var, int i, const int &n, std::ostream &o)
void Gecode::FlatZinc::varValPrintF (const Space &home, const Brancher &b, unsigned int a, FloatVar, int i, const FloatNumBranch &nl, std::ostream &o)
IntSet Gecode::FlatZinc::vs2is (IntVarSpec *vs)
int Gecode::FlatZinc::vs2bsl (BoolVarSpec *bs)
int Gecode::FlatZinc::vs2bsh (BoolVarSpec *bs)
TieBreak< IntVarBranch > Gecode::FlatZinc::ann2ivarsel (AST::Node *ann, Rnd rnd, double decay)
IntValBranch Gecode::FlatZinc::ann2ivalsel (AST::Node *ann, std::string &r0, std::string &r1, Rnd rnd)
IntAssign Gecode::FlatZinc::ann2asnivalsel (AST::Node *ann, Rnd rnd)
TieBreak< BoolVarBranch > Gecode::FlatZinc::ann2bvarsel (AST::Node *ann, Rnd rnd, double decay)
BoolValBranch Gecode::FlatZinc::ann2bvalsel (AST::Node *ann, std::string &r0, std::string &r1, Rnd rnd)
BoolAssign Gecode::FlatZinc::ann2asnbvalsel (AST::Node *ann, Rnd rnd)
SetVarBranch Gecode::FlatZinc::ann2svarsel (AST::Node *ann, Rnd rnd, double decay)
SetValBranch Gecode::FlatZinc::ann2svalsel (AST::Node *ann, std::string r0, std::string r1, Rnd rnd)
TieBreak< FloatVarBranch > Gecode::FlatZinc::ann2fvarsel (AST::Node *ann, Rnd rnd, double decay)
FloatValBranch Gecode::FlatZinc::ann2fvalsel (AST::Node *ann, std::string r0, std::string r1)
void Gecode::FlatZinc::flattenAnnotations (AST::Array *ann, std::vector< AST::Node * > &out)