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circuit.hh File Reference

(Revision: 15156)

#include <gecode/int.hh>
#include <gecode/int/distinct.hh>
#include <gecode/int/circuit/base.hpp>
#include <gecode/int/circuit/val.hpp>
#include <gecode/int/circuit/dom.hpp>

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class  Gecode::Int::Circuit::Base< View, Offset >
 Base-class for circuit propagator. More...
class  Gecode::Int::Circuit::Val< View, Offset >
 "Value-consistent" circuit propagator More...
class  Gecode::Int::Circuit::Dom< View, Offset >
 "Domain consistent" circuit propagator More...


namespace  Gecode::Int::Circuit

Circuit propagators

namespace  Gecode

Gecode toplevel namespace

namespace  Gecode::Int

Finite domain integers.