Gecode: Bug Reporting

Does Gecode have bugs?

To quote from Modeling with Gecode:

Yes, of course! But, Gecode is very thoroughly tested (tests cover almost 100%) and extensively used (several thousand users). If something does not work, we regret to inform you that this is most likely due to your program and not Gecode. Again, this does not mean that Gecode has no bugs. But it does mean that it might be worth searching for errors in your program first.

And, yes. Please take our apologies in advance if that somewhat bold claim does turn out to be false... If you have accepted our apologies, you can submit your bug report below.

Already fixed?

Please have a look at the changes in the development trunk, maybe the bug you want to report has already been fixed.

Bug Reports

Please use our issue tracker on GitHub to report any bugs and feature requests.